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App helps you get the perfect coffeee buzz to sustain productivity

A new app measures the amount of caffeine in your bloodstream and shows when another coffee will help you to be more productive.

Just hit that early afternoon slump and want to break through into a new plateau of productivity?

Proof that second cup of coffee was a mistake

There's an app for that and it's called Caffeine Zone 2.

The app lets you enter your body weight and log the caffeine you consume. The app can guess at how much caffeine you consume, or you may want to customise your dosage (which seems like a good idea given that Wikipedia says a shot of espresso contains forty to seventy five milligrams and the app offers a larger amount). After each dose, the app updates what the caffeine has done to you body and shows when you're in the happy place that a coffee takes you.

The app also graphs the declining quantity of the drug in your system and shows when you might seek out another shot to keep yourself in a happy place so you can always enjoy the feeling of wellbeing that comes with small doses of caffeine.

The app also lets you enter the level of caffeine you're comfortable with at night, to help you understand if too much coffee will keep you awake at night.

There's a free and a paid version of the app.

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