It pays to be positive: An Aussies’ success in Greece

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As so many in the mainstream media continue to promote a ‘doom and gloom’ outlook for business, Melbourne SME owner Graham Jessiman explains how maintaining a positive attitude has been key in his dealings with Greek company Wellaby's.

Unless you live under the most isolated of rocks and only emerge when nature calls, you would’ve heard plenty of recent comment about the dire economic state of Greece.WellabysLG

But here’s a real-life account from Melbourne-based Graham Jessiman, an Aussie SME owner who does business with a Greek company. Jessiman is the local distributor for Wellaby's, a Greek company that makes gluten free snacks and crackers

“Despite the daily headlines of doom and gloom emanating from Greece, they have had no effect on the business relationship.

It’s business as usual. Wellaby’s is a well organised and forward thinking family company, which is great as we have had no disruption to our commitment to supply product to Coles and other major supermarket groups.

Wellaby’s and my office work very closely together – our business transactions are a very open and transparent relationship, which works well for both of us. We understand each other's business environment, challenges and opportunities. It pays to be positive.”

The key take away from Jessiman’s story for fellow SME owners is those last five words – “it pays to be positive”. It’s easy for business owners to start kicking and screaming when there’s so much “doom and gloom” talk in the mainstream media, as there is today. But there are always opportunities out there for those with a keen eye, a steely resolve and acute business acumen. Is that you?

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