ACCC seeking NBN comment from retailers

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a consultation paper on the draft section 151DB list of points of interconnection (POI) to the National Broadband Network.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims says the points of interconnection are important for ensuring that retail service providers can connect to the National Broadband Network to provide services to their customers.

“This is the first time the section 151DB list of points of interconnection has been made, so the ACCC considers that it is appropriate to seek stakeholder comments on the list," Sims explains.

The ACCC and NBN Co have previously agreed (during the POI consultation process undertaken in 2010) on the locations to be used as the 121 points of interconnection to the NBN. Under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), the ACCC is required to publish a list setting out the points of interconnection to the National Broadband Network (the Listed POIs).

Under section 151DA, NBN Co may refuse interconnection at a POI that is not a Listed POI. Such a refusal is 'authorised' for the purposes of sub-section 51(1) and as such does not constitute a breach under Part IV of the Act.

In the consultation paper the ACCC proposes to set out the general location of each point of interconnection on the list but keep the actual street address confidential (for security reasons). The paper also outlines minor changes to the list since the last consultation in May 2011.

Where there have been minor changes to the location of some POIs since the last consultation, the ACCC considers these meet the ACCC’s competition criteria and planning rules.

Interested parties are invited to make written submissions on the form of the list by 1700 on August 31. Subject to stakeholder submissions, the ACCC intends to publish the final list of points of interconnection in September 2012. To view the consultation paper and submit your feedback, visit the ACCC websit now.

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