SMEAA launches new membership package with group buying initiative

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The SME Association of Australia will tomorrow launch its new, enhanced membership package, which is set to include access to a wide-ranging group buying initiative through a partnership with SME Advantage.
From August 1 2012, the SME Association of Australia and SME Advantage are joining forces to give SMEs bulk buying power to save on operating costs and on services they already use to run their business. SME Advantage will be included with SMEAA membership and provides members with real cost savings that will help them improve their bottom line.

SME Advantage was started by Nati Harpaz and Oliver Ranck after they found that not only are SME business owners disadvantaged compared to large corporations in their marketing and business budgets, but they are also disadvantaged in their cost structure.

The SMEAA set out to find an existing buying group that could assist SME business owners, but found that the only businesses that cater for such needs are limited to industry-specific associations. SME Advantage works for SMEAA members, keenly passing on the full benefit to its members without taking commission from service providers.

“With SME Advantage now partnered with the SMEAA, we believe this is the strongest association offering in Australia, offering a ‘one stop shop’ for businesses, in training, networking, HR, legal and collaborative buying,” SMEAA Executive Chairman Matt Johnson explains.

“Businesses that join the SMEAA simultaneously become members of the SME Advantage program. They are given a member pack with a bunch of goodies inside – USB stick, pens, note pads, special offers etc... and a membership card linked to their account.

“They are given a log-in code and can access the SME Advantage website at any time. Once logged in, simply select the supplier you want to use under the chosen category, and start saving! It’s that simple.”

At the time of writing, new categories that are being added to the SMEAA/SME Advantage group buying initiative include telecommunications, petrol and storage solutions. For more on the SMEAA, click here. Or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any membership enquiries.

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