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SME business owners trying to make headway with their company online but are finding the going tough are invited to attend the forthcoming World Internet Business, a three-day event aimed at helping SMEs succeed online.


The event, which takes place at Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach from Friday September 21 to Sunday September 23, is the brainchild of Tom Hua and Brett McFall. After initially meeting back in 2003 when both were enjoying successful online ventures, McFall and Hua created World Internet Summit, a seminar targeting people who wanted to start their own internet business. internetLG

Today the internet business event has grown to be one of the largest and most popular of its kind in the world, teaching tens of thousands of people in 17 countries each year.From that success, the pair created World Internet Business as a specific offshoot event targeting decision makers.

“It’s all about making your dollars work online,” McFall explains of the event. “You can leave your support staff at home and for three days just learn what’s actually working online, no matter whether you’re a one-man band or a medium sized business.

“Everything will be made nice and easy to understand so that you, the business owner, can finally feel confident about what you need to do.”

As a taster for the event, below are the five biggest mistakes McFall and Hua see businesses currently making online.

Mistake #1 – Resisting the trend
Complaining about how you’re losing money because people are buying online, isn’t going to solve the problem. Follow the trend and wonder how you can take advantage of the internet, instead of being a victim.

Mistake #2 – Thinking that the way your customers found you in the past will be the same in the future
Forget Yellow Pages – it’s drowning in the ‘online sea’, and no-one can save it. Find out where your prospects are looking instead, and make sure you’re marketing is there.

Mistake #3 – Thinking your website is your brochure
Today, people want interaction. They make their decisions in an instant. Having nice photos and pleasing copy doesn’t cut it anymore.

Mistake #4 – Not capturing your visitors’ details
98 per cent of people don’t make a buying decision on their first visit. So capture their name and email so you can contact them afterwards.

Mistake #5 – Staying ignorant on “how it all works”
While you don’t need to be an expert in programming, you’d better understand the core principles about how the internet works for your business. Otherwise, people with only six months experience will seem like experts to you – and that’s going to cost you in the long run.

If you’re a business owner and you have an online presence, or you want one, visit to find out more info on how attending this event could boost your success online.

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