Week in brief August 21 2012

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All the smaller news to emerge this week, including: Aussie sets eBay auction record, donates to charity; Should SMEs stick to customers their own size?; ACCC seeks comment on Australia Post bulk letter service; and more.

CAPTION: (L-R) Michael Beres (Ozchild), Dymphna Boholt, and winning bidder Rixon Heyder.

Seriously successful Aussie property investor Dymphna Boholt, has just added another impressive accomplishment to her CV – smashing the previous record price for selling a non-fiction book on eBay. With business pessimism stemming from tough economic conditions seemingly the main tune the mainstream media is humming these days, Boholt and her team wrote Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire to prove the naysayers wrong – that with a modicum of education under one’s belt, anything is possible. She launched an eBay auction for the book and a full day one on one consult, and seven days and a bucketload of bids later the book/consult package sold for a whopping $19,102. And to an Australian citizen living and working in Dubai, no less. And the best part is, Boholt gave the entire sum to Ozchild, a not-for-profit organisation that enhances opportunities and well-being for children and young people who are disadvantaged or at risk. Awesome.

The Telegraph in the UK has published an interesting story that poses the question: Should SMEs stick to customers their own size? The story argues that, while bagging a big-name customer might sound fabulous, in reality it can be fraught with potential pitfalls that could have an effect on everything from your cash flow to your ability to sleep at night. It concludes by suggesting that large businesses tend to pressure SMEs and bully them down on price, and that if you do deal with large companies the key is to stand your ground, know your limits and not go beyond them. Read the story in full here, and be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is seeking public comment on a draft guide on how the ACCC would inquire into potential disputes between Australia Post and users of its bulk letter interconnection service, which is offered to businesses that send bulk quantities of letters for delivery within Australia. The ACCC has a role under the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989 and the Australian Postal Corporation Regulations 1996 to inquire into potential bulk mail disputes and to make recommendations to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy about disputes. Interested parties can send submissions to the ACCC up until 1700 Friday September 21. More info here.

Starting next week, the ATO is running a series of webinars on taxable payments reporting for business owners in the building and construction industry. The 45 minute sessions will outline the requirements of taxable payments reporting so business owners can make sure their records are up to date. There are five webinars scheduled for the following dates: Wednesday August 29; Monday September 3; Thursday September 13; Tuesday September 18; and Wednesday September 26. More details here. And while we’re on them, the ATO has just released some new tax lodging info for business owners that clarifies the various key lodgement dates. You can find it all here.

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