How I built an international business from a $500 outlay

In this episode of the My Business Podcast, internationally renowned jewellery designer Samantha Wills discusses how to take your business from start-up to global empire.


“You hold onto things so tightly you start to hinder the growth of the business,” says Samantha.

She started out making jewellery at night while studying, and selling it at Bondi Beach markets on weekends, so doing everything herself seemed only natural.

Samantha’s first foray into marketing netted $17,000 worth of orders from a $500 outlay, which led her to quit her retail job the next day. At just 21 and with $90 to her name, Samantha admits her parents were aghast at her bold decision.

However, some 13 years later she has an international business empire bearing her name.

Speaking exclusively on the My Business Podcast, Samantha discusses ‘hustling’ for new business and useful connections, how to avoid spreading yourself too thinly, the challenges of taking a successful business back to start-up mode when entering a new market, and much more.


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