How SME owners can mitigate risks to their business

In this episode of the My Business Podcast, Rick Stone – former senior disaster planner for the NSW government – talks about common risks facing businesses, the costs of doing nothing, and how to implement risk management strategies.

As business owners, you must be able to cope with the stuff that life throws at you … "whether those risks are key people leaving your organisation, key suppliers going bankrupt, key customers disappearing or your building burning down,” says Rick Stone, the brains behind risk management consultancy Tigertail.

"The inevitable happens. Our business is to help organisations learn to cope with that and how to recover."

When you consider that Rick was previously the senior disaster planner for the NSW government and spent 10 years as the training manager for the SES in NSW, it’s clear he knows more than most about risk management and disaster recovery efforts.

In this episode of the My Business Podcast, Rick reveals:
• The three key risks SME owners should be planning for
• The costliest type of natural disaster, and how to prepare for it
• The lessons he has learnt in moving from a steady public service job to self-employment

And loads more!

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