History's People: Personalities and the Past, by Margaret MacMillan

Historian Margaret MacMillan provides a personal selection of memorable figures from the past – women and men who changed the course of history and even directed the currents of their times.

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  • Author: Margaret MacMillan
  • Publisher: Text Publishing
  • RRP: Paperback: $32.99
  • E-book: $16.79

Cover of History's People: Personalities and the Past


The actions of Hitler, Stalin and Thatcher had epic, resounding consequences, but there are others to shape the course of history.

Those like Samuel de Champlain, the dreamers, explorers or adventurers who stand out in history for who they were as much as for what they did; or observers like Michel de Montaigne, who kept the notes and diaries that bring the past to life for us.

History’s People is about the important and complex relationships between biography and history, individuals and their times, and the transformative moments that have shaped the world.

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