How smartphones will increase your productivity

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Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last several years, you’ll no doubt have noticed the incredible rise in popularity of the smartphone. If you’ve yet to convert to them, telecommunications expert Todd Foot explains why you should get cracking.

Smartphones – those awesome, all-in-one devices that let you video chat with friends, Tweet on the move, do your weekly shopping, and experience the “joy” of Angry Birds. The question is, are these phones just expensive gimmicks aimed at the young and trendy, or do they deserve a place in the modern business persons briefcase? The answer, in short, is a big resounding “yes”, and here’s why...

Smartphones greatly increase business productivity
Who’d have thought 15 years ago that modern businesses would soon rely on a mobile phone to increase productivity and profitability? Yet today, more businesses than ever are adopting smartphones as part of their everyday business kit. Here are a few things a smartphone can do to help your business run more efficiently.SmartphonesTN


Text and email on the move
Before the smartphone, you wouldn’t know whether a client had sent an important email until you could get to a computer. If you were stuck in a meeting or on a long journey this could mean a delay of hours.

With a smartphone you’ll get an instant notification when someone sends an email. You can then access the message and respond to it within minutes. You can even add attachments if you need to. Instead of leaving clients waiting, you can promptly reply to their message or email from your smartphone, projecting a very efficient and professional image.

Phones can be synchronised with your computer
By setting up a business network of computers or smartphones, you can share all your important messages and information with your employees. Send messages or add important dates to your calendar and everyone within your network will be able to see. You’ll save hours of wasted time and money ringing each member of your team to keep them updated.

You can run business applications on them
With the special “Word for Mobile” application, you can turn your phone into a word processor. Now you can type out important documents or update spread sheets even if you’re stuck on the train. All that time which used to be lost to travelling can now be claimed back.You can also access fax, accounting, communication, and diary applications to help you run your business from wherever you happen to be.

They can be used as a modem
If you’re out somewhere that has no internet connection, your smartphone will be there to bail you out. With certain software you can turn your phone into a modem – just connect it to your laptop or notebook and you’ll be surfing the net in no time. This is also a great back-up should your office internet ever go down. You’ll still be contactable and your clients won’t know the difference.

Network for new business

With access to all the major business networking tools, you can meet and liaise with potential clients on the move. Sites like LinkedIn, Skype, and Elance are great tools for picking up business, and a smartphone gives you access to them, wherever you are.

Todd Foot currently heads up comparison websites MobilePhoneFinder and BroadbandPlanFinder.

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