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Jacket H20 III Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Jacket H20 III Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Not many things are delivered to the My Business office complete with mallet with which to test a product’s durability – but that’s exactly how this nifty portable speaker arrived!

Maker: Altec Lansing

RRP: $119.95

Jacket H20 III Bluetooth Portable Speaker by Altec Lansing

Description: If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker, Jacket H20 III is the complete package. First and foremost, this speaker sounds amazing. The battery life is supposedly 10 hours, but lasted at least three to four times that. Altec Lansing market the speaker as waterproof, sandproof, snowproof, shockproof – everything proof. It even came complete with rubber mallet for us to put it to the test.

While the My Business office doesn’t have all these environments to really put it through its paces, the speaker can definitely survive falling into the sink, a few bumps and tumbles onto the floor as well as the general workings of a busy workplace.

Perfect for the office, the outdoor worker, with kids or simply relaxing to music at home.



Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Jacket H20 III Bluetooth Portable Speaker
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