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A one-stop-shop to help Australian businesses

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A one-stop-shop to help Australian businesses

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Whether you’re running a business, looking to launch a start-up idea or even offering business advice to clients, business.gov.au is a website you can rely on for helpful tools and resources.

At this very minute, there are over 2 million actively trading small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia.

At one stage or another, they’ll all seek information about how to start, run and grow their business. This is where business.gov.au comes in handy!


business.gov.au is a free online government resource, providing practical tools, assistance and information for businesses at all stages of their lifecycle, including:

Free business planning tools and templates

Do you want to expand your business, be more competitive in your industry or achieve certain goals? If you answered yes, you need a business plan!

A business plan is a must in any business, and it should identify and communicate how you will handle all the vital aspects of your business and brand.

It’s also important to differentiate your business and product/s or services/s from your competitors. Good plans provide a roadmap for success and provide a sense of control over the future.

With every business plan there are also several other plans which play an important role in the running of a business. See if your business may also benefit from a marketing, social media, emergency management or even a succession plan.

You’ll find all these templates and guides at business.gov.au.

Tip: Whether you've just started out or been running for years, business planning can be the key to your success. Download the business plan template and don’t forget to keep it up to date!

Finance and accounting information for your business

Good financial management is essential when starting and expanding your business. Getting your finances in order means your business can work more efficiently and puts you in a better position when seeking funding for growth.

Successfully managing your finances can create sustainability and growth for your business, so it's important to get it right.

business.gov.au provides tools to help you with balancing the books, budgeting, managing cash flow and improving the financial health of your business.

Did you know? By law, you must keep business records for a minimum of five years or longer!

Growing your business

Business growth doesn’t necessarily mean increasing profits. You might be looking to create new products, find new business processes, diversify into foreign markets or just be motivated to keep going.

Whatever you decide, consider ways you can grow your business and add them to your business plan. This will help you towards your business goals and find new ways to achieve success.

Visit business.gov.au to find inspiration and new ideas for business growth.

Idea: Have you considered taking on a mentor or business coach?

Regular business updates

As a business owner, it’s important to remain up to date with business news which may impact your business and its customers.

Over 20,000 subscribers rely on business.gov.au for relevant, easy-to-read articles to keep them in the loop about business laws and regulations, latest government grants, assistance packages and a range of other practical information.

Tip: Subscribe to the business.gov.au e-newsletter for the latest business news!

If your business would benefit from a wide variety of business information and resources, from starting your business to expanding to international markets and increasing your online presence, then visit business.gov.au to find just that!


A one-stop-shop to help Australian businesses
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