Candidate applying for role at My Business

Employee benefits

There are a variety of initiatives and employee benefits available to enjoy by working at My Business, including social club activities, discounted banking and financial services, corporate health cover, dental care/treatment and Microsoft Office programs*

Further to these, additional initiatives and benefits include:

Our employees are given a day off in late December as a gift.

Our permanent employees are given one additional day of paid leave to celebrate their birthday. 

Our Employee Recognition Program provides the opportunity to recognise and reward our colleagues who exhibit exceptional behaviour and demonstrate our values.

You will have access to the Employee Assistance Program which provides free counselling and support to all employees and their immediate families.

You may have the opportunity to take advantage of study leave. My Business recognises the value of career development in current positions and for future opportunities. We aim to support employees to build, grow and own their career development.

Enjoy access to flexible remuneration options that may save you money. These include FBT exempt items e.g. laptop computers, PDAs, Income Protection Insurance, Financial consulting, Novated Lease options and Threshold Benefit.*

You can also take advantage of our generous Employee Referral Program.

*Terms and conditions apply