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Are you harnessing the power of collaboration in your workplace?

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17 May 2016 1 minute readShare
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Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Collaborating in the work place today has never been more important.  

As people become more mobile and businesses seek greater efficiencies, the divide between real-time communication, phone and voicemail, and productivity-based communication continues to grow. The risks of not embracing new ways of working and the right technology is clear.

To remain competitive, businesses need access to technology that will enable them to work from any location, as effectively as they would from the office. The inability to innovate and respond to opportunities, can limit your competitive edge in today market place. The power of work place collaboration is a critical ingredient for staying on top of competition.

What communication platforms are currently facilitating collaboration in your organisation? Are you limited by existing infrastructure investments that only allow you to communicate and connect with colleagues, partners and suppliers?

By embracing new ways of working and new processes, you can drive improved connected experiences, whilst managing business costs. The overall effectiveness of your communication and interaction between employees, partners, suppliers and customers can be improved through unified communications. Integrating and unifying your communication into your business process – across devices, will allow you to build a sustainable competitive advantage, simplify operations and accelerate productivity.

Having the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate in real-time anytime anywhere is critical in enabling productivity, mobility and flexibility. Here are just some of the ways unified communication can drive good business outcomes:

  • Reduce human latency, one of the most important aspects of speeding up company operations
  • Enhanced collaboration and improved workflow management facilitating better and quicker decision-making
  • Reduce media and device dependencies whilst enhancing anytime anywhere human communications

Elevate your business with Nexon Absolute

Nexon Absolute is a cloud-based unified communications solution that includes Skype for Business. It allows businesses to experience the full potential of connectedness. Nexon Absolute is able to replace your standard PBX system, while combining and integrating all communication capabilities on a single, easy to use platform – voice mail, video, audio, web conferencing messaging and desktop sharing.

Start harnessing the power of collaboration in your work place

Click here to learn more. Or simply, contact Nexon today for a customised demo


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Are you harnessing the power of collaboration in your workplace?
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