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Category description

This award recognises the business that has most effectively driven demonstrable business growth, challenged market norms and excelled through a focus on innovation.

It is open to all businesses that have been trading for at least two full financial years and is based on the period of the 2017 financial year.

To be eligible for this award, the business needs to have 200 or fewer employees as of 30 June 2017 and must be registered in Australia (or respective state/territory) as a sole trader, a partnership, or an incorporated or listed business.

Assessment criteria

Please answer the following questions (400 words max per question):

  • Highlight your innovation (or innovations) and why it is a new development or alternative in your market
  • Demonstrate how the innovation (or innovations) has improved your business, not just limited to financial gains
  • Highlight the rationale or development behind the innovation and how it has overcome/supported a problem and perceived opportunity
  • Provide case studies or examples to support the success of the innovation and how it impacted your business
  • Detail how you promote a culture of innovation in your organisation, who is responsible and how this culture effects your workplace

Supporting documents

You are encouraged to provide and refer to any attached supporting material for the judges’ consideration. This material may differ depending on the category and can include financial or business metrics, images, statistics, media coverage and other relevant information. If documents are not directly referenced and relevant to your submission, they will be disregarded. You may submit a maximum of FOUR supporting documents to strengthen your entry, unless directly requested.

We also encourage entrants to submit an optional short video up to 30 seconds long answering the question, “What does business success mean to you?”

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