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The workplace no-no’s that annoy Aussie employees the most

We've asked our employees to list down their pet peeves in the office and here's what we've got.

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Analysis: Employer/employee divide constraining growth

The growing divide between employers and their employees takes a toll on business growth. While each one accuses unfair treatment on the other, the root cause of this divide—lack of transparency—is hardly addressed. If employers and employees become transparent and communicate well with each other, this will lead to better business outcomes and bridge the widening gap between workers and their bosses.

Get your employees excited to come to work

Employers wanting to motivate their employees to come to work everyday must put in an effort to connect on a deeper level with their employees, invest in trainings and workshops to allow employees to expand their knowledge, advocate transparency in the workplace, foster trust and cooperation among employees, set the business’ goals and vision and encourage feedback from employees. If business owners invest in the welfare of their employees, this allows the business to thrive and gain an advantage in the market.

The real reason employees change jobs

Employees are more likely to leave their job if their work and its accompanying tasks are unfulfilling, regardless of their working relationship with co-workers and superiors and their working environment. If employers want a set of employees who are dedicated to their work and are willing to establish a long-term relationship with the business, they should allow their employees to explore their strengths, learn from their tasks and provide avenues for career growth.

Workers compensation for casual employees

Employers looking into availing the services of a casual worker must have a good understanding of their obligations towards them. This includes the required compensation and benefits that they are entitled to receive., By understanding these, employers will find it easier to fulfill their responsibilities—especially in the event of any untoward work-related incidents such as injury or illnesses.


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