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10 things I hate about my customer.

Coface Australia
02 May 2018 1 minute readShare

Promoted by Coface Australia.

Stop that now. When does your good, trusted customer cross the other side and become a never-ending headache?

Let me start by saying – not all customers are made equal. What I mean by this is that there are some customers who make exporting a breeze. They’re open and transparent; they pay on time and are responsive. They make consistent orders and in fact have expanded with your business. These guys are great but unfortunately, history tells us that this isn’t always reality.

There are some customers who make you want to scream after you hang-up (that’s if they even pick up the phone the first place!) or worse yet, customers that cause you to lose money. Identify those bad customers early and put strategies in place to readdress the relationship before it becomes an issue.

Join me, Chris Little – Commercial Director for Coface ANZ – along with our guest Murray Lawson, Managing Director at FTI Consulting for a webinar on May 17th at 12pm to uncover what some of those strategies may be.

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So, here are the ten things we wish our customers would stop doing!

When they…

#1 become a “corporate ghost” You can never get a hold of them or it’s a matter of hot-potato between reception and voicemails

#2 Are goal-post shifters – Constantly changing their commercial terms

#3 Misunderstanding tariffs Not knowing when and if tariffs are applied

#4 Are relationship Gold-diggers They take advantage of your contracted commercial terms

#5 Are delayed responders Simply issues that can resolved quickly just drag out from weeks to months before they’re resolved

#6 Are operating as a Phoenix Company – a company that “rises from the ashes” of a failed company

#7 are “faceless” when dealing with customers with language or cultural barriers, it’s difficult to know who you are trading with

#8 Steal your trademarket, patent or design Your customer suddenly stops placing orders and only a few weeks later your find a very similar product on the market.

#9 Aren’t open with their business

And finally….

#10 Think they know it all and aren’t open to negotiation or discussion

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Having worked with thousands of exporters Coface has joined forces with FTI consulting to share with you some quick, short-term solutions you can implement straight away as well as some long-term strategies to overcome these challenges.

What do you hate about your customers? Let us know by leaving a comment and we can cover it in the webinar during the Q&A session!

Click here to sign-up for FREE! The best part? You don’t even have to leave your desk!

See you then!


Chris Little, Commercial Director Coface

10 things I hate about my customer.
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Coface Australia

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