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VIN decoder & Lookup

11 Dec 2021 00:25 #1 by lokata
VIN decoder & Lookup was created by lokata
VIN decoder & Lookup
Checking the VIN is one of the most important points when choosing a supported car, as this check helps to identify important facts about the car's past.
Such verification is carried out by the unique number of the car, by the VIN code (body number). This code is assigned to each car at the factory and is never repeated. Therefore, knowing the VIN code of the car, you can find out about the past of the car: the actual mileage, the year of manufacture, when the first registration was made, what damage was there, whether the car was in an accident, whether it was pledged, etc.
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What should I pay attention to when checking?
First of all, we recommend paying attention to the mileage of the car, in the Carfax and Autocheck reports, mileage is indicated in miles, multiplied by 1.609, we get mileage in kilometers, with which, you should pay attention to the date when the mileage was recorded, in order to have an idea of the real mileage of the car. Why is mileage so important? Because you won't surprise anyone with a rewound run, it can be rewound both in the USA and here, or it can be both there and there. In this case, the new owner will not be able to properly service the car, as he will be guided by inaccurate mileage data, and this is already fraught with failure of those nodes that need maintenance after a certain number of kilometers. Also, a large mileage indicates the wear and tear of parts that may soon have to be replaced.
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