Taxpayers Australia launches The Tax Summary 2014-15

Taxpayers Australia has formally launched the 95th edition of its annual Tax Summary publication, with The Tax Summary 2014-15 offering a complete guide to the operation of the Australian tax system. 

Taxpayers Australia has formally launched the 95th edition of its annual Tax Summary publication, with The Tax Summary 2014-15 offering a complete guide to the operation of the Australian tax system.  

Taxpayers Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that actively works towards a fairer and more transparent taxation system fro all Australian taxpayers. The Tax Summary 2014-15 provides a comprehensive, clear, plain English guide for all taxpayers seeking information and tools to ensure that they pay the right amount of tax every time, and not a cent more.

This venerable publication first appeared in 1919, and has helped generations of taxpayers and their advisers navigate their way around the minefield of an ever more complicated set of tax laws.
Mark Chapman, Head of Tax at Taxpayers Australia and Editor of The Tax Summary 2014-15, said the simple, easy-to-read format of the guide makes the book ideal for small businesses, investors and even individuals who want to make sure they are claiming everything they are entitled to.

“My job, and that of the team of writers I work with, is to distil the tax law down into simple language which anybody can understand and apply to their personal situation,” Chapman said. “We use lots of examples and case studies to illustrate how the law works, and by keeping things as simple as possible, we hopefully make even the most complex areas of the law understandable for all taxpayers.

“Every year the law gets more complicated, and that makes the Tax Summary more relevant now than it’s ever been. We’ve been doing this for 95 years – nearly as long as the ATO itself has been around – and we’re still going strong, so we must be doing something right!”

For more information on The Tax Summary 2014-15 visit now or call 1300 657 572.

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