Part parent, part small business owner – how Australians can juggle both roles these school holidays

school kidsIt can be challenging for many SMB owners to balance the responsibilities of running a small business while finding quality time with the family.

By Reid Meldrum, Head of Small and Medium Business


school kids

It can be challenging for many SMB owners to balance the responsibilities of running a small business while finding quality time with the family. Our small business channel partners and customers mention this specific pressure becomes most apparent during the school holidays like when NSW schools broke last week.

We realise many SMB owners play a duel role in life, they are also husbands, wives, parents and part of a wider family environment. Seldom do they have the luxury of downtime for every event, family holiday or opportune moment like school holidays. Customers, suppliers and staff don’t necessarily stop just because schools close down.

However, there is good news for many small businesses looking to find a better balance between time with the family and time with customers. The developments of smartphones and tablets, cloud-based software and bigger data plans can deliver greater and faster connectivity for those who crave flexibility.

Now, end-to-end solutions can be tailored to a small business to facilitate a more collaborative, productive and efficient approach to getting ahead.

We encourage small business owners to research the different technologies in their business to help them combine hardware, software and data plans to free them from working to a rigid routine.

Here are some additional tips for SMBs managing their business during school holidays:

Research available mobile data plans both online and in store to find the one that delivers the best connectivity and flexibility.

  • The right combination of devices, networks, cloud software and data plans are needed for small business owners to manage their business anywhere, anytime. Powered by a smartphone or tablet and cloud based software like Evernote and DocuSign, small businesses can sign contracts, pay bills and coordinate work schedules from on the road, a local coffee shop or even at the beach.


Technology is important but business owners should be focused on their customers.

  • Every small business has different pressure points. Suppliers, customers, invoicing and technology can all drain time and increase stress levels. Many small business owners don’t want to worry about technology and by working with a trusted partner they can fix issues quickly to reduce stress levels and focus on what matters – their family and their business.


Increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration with the right tools for the job.

  • The magic of a great piece of software is that it is able to perform a multitude of tasks while effortlessly integrating them into one action. Cloud-based software, like our partners Evernote, empower SMBs to organise, collaborate, store and share information within one platform.  Purposely designed for use with smartphones and tablets, cloud technology can be used just as easily on small screens as the office desktop computer.


Optus works with a range of small businesses from start-up entrepreneurs to more established companies to support them in managing their operations. Ultimately, we want them to focus on their business and not their technology. We are always interested in big ideas with the potential to deliver a more relevant and connected way for SMBs to achieve that balance between the demands of family with those of business.




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