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How the right document management solutions can optimise efficiency and increase productivity

05 July 2017 4 minute readShare

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As we enter a new financial year, businesses everywhere are making sure their technology works for them rather than them working for it. Read on to learn how to get the most from your document management solutions.

While MFC’s scanners and copiers are not new, developments in recent years have seen technological advancements like never before. While previously it may have been plausible for SMB’s to rely on consumer models, nowadays with the integration of features such as NFC, high speed printing and customisable user interfaces, it is becoming clear that a complete document management solution is essential for the efficient workflow of any business large or small.


Efficiency and Productivity

SMB’s need to be hyper-aware of productivity and efficiency in day-to-day operations. Employees working for a small business can’t simply ‘fly under the radar’ in the hopes that someone will do their job for them. In this regard, it’s imperative that the document management solution takes on the same responsibility and does its job without fuss. As Luke Howard, Departmental Head of Brother’s Commercial Division says, “Printers are like sports referees, you only notice them when they’re not doing their job”.

One benefit of utilising a document management system over a household model is the reduced downtime while waiting for a unit to print, scan, copy or fax. By investing in a machine built for business, such as a model from Brothers new Professional Colour Series, SMB’s benefit from print speeds of up to 31 pages per minute and 100 images per minute, meaning less time idle and more time in a productive state.

A common issue faced by SMB’s is the lack of a dedicated IT professional. This often results in hours or even days of lost productivity when technology fails and doesn’t work as it should. Brother’s professional ranges are built to be incredibly reliable thanks to the quality build and robust construction. In addition, businesses have Brother’s full support for any technical issues should they arise via their free local product support for the life of the machine.

Setup and installation is also a huge time allocation and is often the reason why many businesses will avoid upgrading technology in the first place. Brother recognises this hurdle and has solved it by including a smooth one-touch set-up operation that is customised to meet the needs of the user’s specific office workflow. These machines are also scalable meaning they’re able to grow with the business, reducing the need for constant whole system upgrades at every milestone.

Furthermore, Brother’s BRAdmin Professional Software acts as an IT administrator in itself by updating firmware when required and sending email alerts to the team when the printer needs attending to.

Cost Management

Managing cost and resource is always front of mind for SMB’s. Everything from front-line client and customer services to in-house proceedings that account for product handling and assembling, operations, and management all have a direct effect on business profitability. Choosing the right document management solution is key to ensuring long-term cost management from an admin perspective.

All models in Brother’s new Professional Colour Series have been optimised to ensure total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the product is reduced. The optional super high-yield and ultra high-yield toner cartridges offer amazing value and as a bonus also increase productivity by cutting down on time spent ordering and replacing cartridges leaving more time for employees to worry about tasks that relate directly back to profitability.


Workplaces are increasingly offering flexible working arrangements and SMB’s are most familiar with this structure. Employees are no longer required to be fixed to a traditional desk to get their work done thanks to technological advancements allowing them to do so. While this style of work can be extremely beneficial for company culture, employers also need to ensure that they have armed their team with the best software that allows them to be as productive out of the office as they can be when in the office.

All devices in Brother’s Professional Colour Series include Brother iPrint&Scan, Brother Android Plugin, Apple's AirPrint™, Mopria™ and Google Cloud Print™, allowing employees to print wirelessly from any connected smart mobile device. Users can also print and scan directly from Brother Multi-Function Centres thanks to the free Brother Cloud Apps.


Nothing hinders productivity and efficiency like a security breach. SMB’s should take all consideration to ensure that their technology, both hardware and software, are impenetrable to the outside world. Brother’s new Professional Colour Laser range keeps the user in control of the print infrastructure. Depending on the nature of the business, machine access can be restricted with network user authentication and secure function lock allowing certain device functions to be password protected. In addition, NCF readers can be used to only allow print jobs to be released by card swiping or entering a PIN.


The most efficient way to work is to do a job once, and do it well. Most businesses are all too familiar with the experience of printing a lengthy document only to later discover pages full of imperfections. This results in having to go back and reprint, wasting both valuable time and money. To avoid this inconvenience, SMB’s should be looking at using professional business built print solutions that use high density toners and quality parts.


SMB’s have a lot to consider when trying to keep things running smoothly and Brother recognises this. From staff and clients to IT and admin, the wheels need to keep turning with minimal fuss. The right document management solution can boost productivity and efficiency and in turn all other factors from cost management to security. In addition to printers, Brother have a range of other products to benefit small businesses including professional labellers, professional desktop scanners, portable printers and scanners, professional monochrome laser printers and software.

Brother has a dedicated Corporate Solutions Team whose sole purpose is to work with companies to discuss complete technology packages tailored to the specific needs of a workspace. The team is dedicated to delivering top of the range products and solutions to assist customers in meeting their evolving business needs.  They will endeavour to better understand your print environment and come up with a suite of products to improve your workflow.  

For more information, contact the Brother Commercial Division on:

Phone: 1300 885 989

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://corpsolutions.brother.com.au

How the right document management solutions can optimise efficiency and increase productivity
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