boss managing people at workplace group meeting
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Managing people

Managing people encompasses the whole process of employee management – including recruitment, talent performance, career development and company culture.

Motivated employees are a business’ greatest asset. Yet managing people effectively is often considered one of the most challenging aspects of running a business.

People are different, and so are their preferences for leadership and communication styles. Getting it right when it comes to managing people is all about providing direction and support while respecting individual working styles.

From a hiring perspective, having top talent at your disposal can be a secret weapon in gaining a competitive edge. And, if you’re serious about hiring the best candidates for your business, you should value your employer image as highly as your reputation among customers. That means taking steps to make your workplace diverse and inclusive and offering both monetary and non-monetary incentives to attract the cream of the crop.

Implementing initiatives to keep current employees engaged and motivated is equally important. Offering opportunities for training and upskilling, running mental health and well-being programs, and inviting honest feedback from employees go a long way to maintaining a happy and productive team.

Here, we walk you through attracting and retaining employees in any business, as well as HR advice and guidance on employee entitlements such as sick leave and long service leave.


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