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Implementing EEO in your business

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) legislation in Australia protects from discrimination in the workplace.

2 May 2022

At a federal level, there are five laws covering anti-discrimination in Australia. They require employers and staff to not discriminate against employees and job applicants based on factors such as race, age, sex, religion, disability and more.

This checklist and sources for further information will help you implement EEO in your organisation, ensuring you are complying with the law as well as creating a more productive, harmonious workplace.

Equal employment opportunity employer checklist

To get you started – can you answer yes to all of these questions?

1. Is your workplace culture conducive to Equal Employment Opportunity legislation?

2. Are all employees treated equally and is your workplace free from discrimination and harassment?

3. Do you ensure a culture and a standard of behaviour that’s comfortable for everyone to work in?

4. Do you provide education and training for all employees on what is and what’s not appropriate workplace behaviour?

5. Are your company policies and practices discriminatory? Or potentially discriminatory? Are they reviewed regularly?

6. Have you issued an Equal Employment Opportunity policy statement that shows management’s commitment to your Equal Employment Opportunity policy and a harassment-free workplace?

7. Have you provided all your employees with education and training, so they understand Equal Employment Opportunity principles and discrimination, the company policies associated with this and their rights and obligations under Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law?

8. Have you implemented grievance handling procedures about discrimination and harassment?

9. Do you and your managers have a clear understanding of your responsibilities in relation to EEO, including Equal Employment Opportunity for disabled employees, employees of different ethnicities or cultural backgrounds, and more?

10. Is your recruitment process non-discriminatory?

11. Do you always employ by selecting the best person for the job?

12. Do you ensure fairness in termination practices?

If you answered no to any of the points, above you need to address it immediately. This could be done through updating your Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines and policy. Alternatively, consider providing employees with Equal Employment Opportunity examples to improve policy understanding.

As an employer, it’s crucial your workplace culture is conducive to EEO. My Business Workplace has an Equal Employment Opportunity policy to assist your business in complying with EEO legislation. Download it today.

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