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Free webinar: Managing workplace risks associated with COVID-19 

Can you insist employees are vaccinated? Can you force workers to wear face masks? These questions and more will be answered in this free webinar hosted by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

Do you understand how to create a safer workplace in response to COVID-19? Know how to implement mitigation measures or what your obligations are when it comes to these measures? 

To find out, join this free webcast with Luis Izzo, Managing Director Sydney Workplace at Australian Business Lawyers & Associates (ABLA) and Harry Dixon SC – one of Australia's leading workplace relations Senior Counsel. 

When: August 25 

Time: 12.30-1.30pm (AEST) 

Where: Your computer 

Cost: Free 

Luis and Harry will cover: 

  • Employer obligations in managing risks associated with COVID-19 
  • The extent to which employers can implement mitigation measures (e.g. face masks/ testing/vaccination mandates
  • The measures businesses may apply to members of the public/consumers engaging with the business. 

You can ask questions when you register and during the event. 

Luis said the transmission of COVID-19 was one of the biggest risks workplaces faced and employers were obligated to address the risk. 

“What’s most important is that employers can identify proactive risk mitigation measures in place in their business. Vaccinations aren’t the sole answer, but they are an important tool to facilitate a strong risk minimisation framework,” he said.  

“But it’s not just about vaccines. Masks, testing, contact tracing and vaccination are all issues employers can address and should be exploring to satisfy their WHS obligations. There’s obviously a broader community impact to consider too. Businesses need to be part of the solution to get the economy back on track so business can prosper.” 

Don’t miss your opportunity to join this free webinar and hear from industry experts. 

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