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Understanding customers: how to improve your customer experience

Providing exceptional customer service is a ‘no brainer’ – it keeps customers coming back. 

We’re all customers at some time, so think about what makes you a loyal customer and employ these things in your own business. Here are some tips for bringing home the bacon.

Admit when you make a mistake

Mistakes happen and audiences have many platforms to share their negative customer experience with your company, but you will only make things worse if you deny or ignore the mistake. A solid customer experience strategy will turn these negatives into positives. 

Use the same platforms to your advantage to take responsibility and sensibly resolve the issue to ensure you don’t lose a customer, and they don’t put others off either.

Craft a customer-centric brand message that perfectly matches your target audience – their problems, goals and aspirations. Aim to invoke and stroke their inner ego.

Create customer satisfaction to create loyalty

Create lasting loyalty with small gestures. The things you do to go out of the way for customers may not be of monetary value, but they’re valued and remembered because they create a customer experience they aren’t expecting.

Don’t neglect existing customers – ever.

A good customer experience manager will always ensure you exceed expectations. Do what you’ve promised and more.

Follow up big purchases with an email thanking the customer, ensuring they’re happy with their purchase, and offering a discount on their next order.

Know your customers

Good customer service skills include getting to know your customers. Customers enjoy the positive experience of a business remembering them, and what they like and don’t like.

Encourage your customers to be your ambassadors. Offer them an incentive to send a friend to your site, like you on Facebook, share a recent purchase on social media, or write a review.

Identify ideal customers as VIP customers. People love being VIPs and the perceived privileges the title brings.

Reduce buying pain by making value calculation easier to stomach for conservative spenders who’ve trouble rationalising large concepts of time and money. E.g. "for as little as $2.75 a day” gives customers an exact daily value for your product.

Reward repeat purchases by giving users the ability to automatically schedule and receive a new order on a regular basis at a discount.

Share your values. Customers who care about you and share similar values will be more likely to display loyalty to your company and brand.

Show you’re a reputable and trusted expert. Share your expertise on question and answer sites or by writing blog posts.

Finally, ensure you back up the promises you make. Good customer relationship management always includes sticking to your promises. 

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