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Work-life balance and why we should bother

Studies reveal those who maintain a steady work-life balance are much more productive than those who do not. 

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Due to COVID-19 and its significant impact, we are losing even more of the little work-life balance we had, and this is adding strain to work responsibilities and personal lives.

Despite reclaiming lost time travelling to work and time spent outside of the home, the balancing act is still non-existent. But what does this mean? And how can you practise work-life balance so that it benefits you in the office and at home?

If you are overworked you could be exhibiting signs of stress, burnout, fatigue and even anxiety. Incorporating balance can overcome these challenges. The left side of the brain does the thinking and these neural pathways need to completely switch off and disengage to allow you to reset.

Here we explore some techniques and tips to help you disengage.

The Pomodoro Technique

This is a fabulous time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo. Use a timer and work in 25-minute intervals and follow it with a short break. Using this technique regularly can improve focus, productivity and reduce stress levels.


Others prefer to work in longer blocks, so use the same concept with 90-minute sessions and 15-minute breaks. The key to success with these work and break blocks is to really switch off at break time.

Even if it is a game on your computer or doing a few pieces of a puzzle, immerse yourself in something that really allows you to switch away from work and into a form of joy for the mind.


During the week it is beneficial to put routines in place and block out time to focus on wellbeing including good rest, good sleep, eating well, exercising and paying attention when we socialise.

Come up with a plan, set ‘office hours’ and stick to them. If something urgent or outside hours comes up, deal with it but take notes and leave the rest for tomorrow. Dedicate your free time to disengaging and downtime.

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Control and focus will remain where you are. This means if you are at work or in the home-office you should be focused on work and if you are at home you can be focused on those you care about and living your best life.

People currently working from home especially need to take time to disengage and to get away from the ‘just one more thing’ mentality. If you are experiencing burnout, remove yourself and reset.

Spend time simplifying your life and take control over your career path. Invest in you and nurture your health. We learn through practise, start a journal, practise gratitude and positivity. Exercise is endorphins, outdoors is endorphins.

Work-life balance makes you feel better and it will have a knock-on effect in your personal life and career. Make it work for you, rest, reset and have fun.

Shelley Lovegrove

Founder – Sleepy Jo Australia

Shelley is a mum, creator of the first sleep journal + daily planner, coach, and founder of Sleepy Jo Australia, a one-stop online location for women wanting to get organised, sleep well and live their best life.

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