Becoming more profitable

Identifying potential customers to grow your customer base

Acquisition, service, growth and retention are four important areas to focus on if you want to grow your customer base for increased profit and long-term growth.

Many businesses only think of acquiring more customers, employing telemarketers and buying leads, when in fact, these are only part of the picture when it comes to growing the customer base. 

Identifying your customers and their needs is the first step to growth, yet many business owners fail to do and focus only on sales instead. 

Identifying customers isn’t based just on dollars spent, geography, demographics and basic info. Success occurs when you really get into the attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours the ideal customers have.

Your employees are the critical factor in delivering a high level of service your customer wants.


The first step

Before you spend any money or engage external providers to help you, the first step is identifying customers’ needs and wants in the four areas described. 

Your weaknesses, particularly in service and retention, are the places to start, as you already have the customers and you want them to keep buying, buy more and recruit their friends.

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Jen Harwood

Head Trainer and Founder at Great 8 Enterprises

Jen Harwood is an award winning inspirational and motivational speaker on the topics of business networking, leadership, standing your ground in tough times and building great teams.

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