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Why social media engagement is important for your business

With the average Australian spending almost two hours per day on sites like Facebook and Instagram, social media should be part of any small business digital marketing strategy. 

But building a successful social media strategy isn’t just about getting more followers. It’s important to ensure your customers are engaging with the content you post.

Social media engagement is a metric that helps you determine the success of your social media marketing. Here’s why engagement is essential to promoting a small business on social media, and strategies to help you grow your company’s engagement.

What is social media engagement rate?

Social media engagement measures the number of interactions customers have with the content you post on social media. Every ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘comment’, ‘retweet’ or ‘@mention’ is a form of engagement that shows customers are interested in what you have to say.

While there are many ways to measure social media engagement, most businesses calculate it through an engagement rate. This is done by dividing the total engagement volume (number of likes or shares) by the number of followers on your page.

Why social media engagement is important

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a means of helping you build a relationship with your customers. Every time a customer interacts with your social media posts, it shows they are interested in what you have to say. Having better social media engagement means your customers have a stronger relationship with your brand. This in turn provides you with more opportunities to build brand loyalty, increase word-of-mouth referrals and increase sales.

Measuring social media engagement is important because it provides you with insights into how well your content is resonating with your customers. You can use this information to optimise posts in the future or improve your products and services. It also gives you a tangible metric to track your performance over time.

How to increase social media engagement

Every small business has a different reason for being on social media. Without having clear goals, it’s tough to know if your social media engagement strategy is working

Work with key stakeholders to understand exactly what your goals are for your social media channels. Is it to increase word-of-mouth, build customer loyalty or generate leads? Once you have these goals, it’s easier to track and measure the ROI of your actions.

According to various social media studies, businesses should be posting on social media at least once per day. Set up a content calendar to help you plan your content ahead of time. You can also pre-schedule your posts on Facebook or on a social media management platform like Hootsuite.

On top of this, one of the best ways to grow your business using social media is to go into it with the intention to build a relationship. Customers are on social media to discover content and connect with friends, not to be sold to. Give them relevant, interesting posts, and they will reward you with more interactions.

Topical events, such as Christmas or UNESCO International Days, are a great time to engage with your followers on social media. Plan these timely events into your content calendar, and consider launching a dedicated social media campaign to increase interactions with customers. 

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