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AI and new technologies and what they mean for business 

AI is already changing the business landscape and how small businesses might leverage the technology.

As the rate of AI adoption continues to grow, so do the opportunities, and the challenges. How do we prepare ourselves for this technological change wave and ensure we aren’t left behind?

Platforms like GPT are bringing AI into the mainstream, and across all industries, organisations are continuing to identify new case uses to embed AI technologies and tools. Healthcare, customer service and experience, banking and financial services, logistics, retail, cybersecurity, transport, marketing, and defence are experiencing high disruption.

This webinar is aimed at businesses to identify and unlock opportunities stemming from AI and prepare for what lies ahead.

Renée Mitsis

Renée Mitsis

Partner Sales Leader, Growth Customer Segments, Amazon Web Services, Australia

Renée is a strategic business leader, passionate about technology, innovation, diversity and collaboration. As the Partner Sales Leader for Growth Customer Segments for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Australia, Renée leads a team who work closely with customers and AWS sales to understand customers.

Ash Saini

Ash Saini

General Manager Sales at nbn co

Ash is the GM Sales at nbn co managing the wholesale relationships for growth retailers. Ash has previously held senior Commercial and Finance roles at Vodafone Australia, Lebara Mobile and Qantas. He is a Chartered Accountant and is fanatical about driving exceptional customer experience.

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