How Great Marketing Can Kick-Start Your New Business

8 March 2022

This webinar delivers essential up-to-date insights on digital marketing for business owners creating their website, marketing strategy, and campaigns.

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Our Entrepreneurship Facilitators Chris Mooney and Ashley Hayden are joined by Mark Higgins, Director, Sublime Digital Agency, Rebecca Bennett, Digital Marketing Strategist and Damian O’Keefe Senior Digital Strategist at Sublime.

In this hour, learn:

  • Market Research – where are my customers? what do they want? how will I reach them? How do I do it?
  • Building A Marketing Plan – Simple Step by Step Guide, Where To Start.
  • Digital Marketing – How it works, what do I need to consider and what will it cost?
  • Your business assets like website/ YouTube channel/ Testimonials
  • Customer Satisfaction – How Will I know?
Christopher Mooney headshot

Chris Mooney

Entrepreneurship Facilitator (Campbelltown) | My Business

Serial entrepreneur Chris Mooney brings 40 years of B2B experience to the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service. His extensive expertise includes strategy formulation, business transformation, business development, strategic marketing, communications and sales across a diverse range of of industries.

Ashley Hayden headshot

Ashley Hayden

Entrepreneurship Facilitator (Packenham) | My Business

Ashley is a business consultant and small business coach with over 25 years of experience in corporate marketing, executive management and small business ownership. He has helped hundreds of business owners, executives and managers with marketing strategy, business advice and workshop facilitation.

Mark Higgins headshot

Mark Higgins

Director | Sublime Digital Agency

Mark is a passionate, creative senior Digital Marketing professional steering one of Australia's most successful Digital Marketing Agencies. 20+ years of professional experience in Marketing, Communications, Media & Digital.

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