Panel discussion

How to safeguard your business from cyber attacks

12 August 2021

With cyber attacks on the increase it’s vital for business owners and staff to stay ahead of cyber security threats.

Explore how to protect yourself, your business and your customers by empowering your best line of defence – the human firewall.

Our industry panel

Jonathan Horne

Jonathan Horne

CEO | Cyber Aware

Suzie Leask

Suzie Leask

Director | ABLA

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90% of cyber attacks are successful due to human error*

Technology alone cannot prevent cyber attacks. It is critical for employees to help minimise risks too. Our expert panel featuring Cyber Aware and Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) share their diverse stories and break down a real-life cyber attack. Discussions include the importance of employee engagement via awareness training and steps you can take before and after a cyber breach to ensure legal compliance and minimise risk to your business.

During this interactive session we explore: 

  • what is cyber crime and why should small businesses care about it?
  • how are small businesses targeted?
  • how are hackers changing their strategies to trick more employees?
  • what should businesses do after an attack?
  • practical steps you can take to build a human firewall, ensure legal compliance, minimise regulator scrutiny and protect your business.
*Source: IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index

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