Leave management: your employer obligations

Leave is one of the most complicated areas of employment relations. Join this free session to understand your legal obligations as an employer.

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Leave can be one of the most complicated areas when managing your employees. With the festive season fast approaching, employers will likely encounter a deluge of issues related to leave entitlements: Can you force staff to take annual leave? How should you pay employees on public holidays? What about sick leave and long service leave? And can you cancel someone’s leave at the last minute?

In this webinar, Senior Associate Dean Tyler from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors will walk you through how to successfully manage leave in your business. He’ll also explain what a smart leave policy looks like and what can happen when you don’t have guidelines in place.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The different types of leave that are available
  • The rate leave is paid at
  • How leave is accumulated.
Dean Tyler

Dean Tyler

Senior Associate, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA)

Dean commenced practicing law with ABLA in 2014. He specializes in giving pragmatic legal advice on workplace matters, including the National Employment Standards, Modern award compliance, managing ill and injured employees and bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Phil Parisis

Phil Parisis

General Manager Product | My Business

A creative and results-driven professional, Phil has a genuine passion for harnessing the latest technology to build solutions that meet the needs of Australian businesses via the development, management and maintenance of innovative strategic processes.

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