Panel discussion

Navigating a dynamic energy landscape

Thursday 7 April 2022

Leveraging tax incentives to improve energy performance.

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My Business and the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) are hosting a panel discussion on how smart energy management can improve business productivity and cut costs. Experts from across the industry will discuss how businesses can use tax incentives to bolster the business case for energy upgrades.

Panellists will distil the main points from the new guide, Leveraging tax incentives to improve energy performance: a guide for Australian businesses investing in smart energy management, with an open discussion to follow.

This session aims to help you understand: 

  • What tax incentives are available to your business
  • Why energy and energy management matters to your business
  • How to bolster the business case for energy upgrades with tax incentives
Victoria Townsend

Victoria Townsend

Senior Project Officer, Energy Efficiency Council

Victoria works on the Energy Efficiency Council’s strategic projects, with a focus on helping businesses on their journey to reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals. She has a background in finance, market research, and strategy.

John Huggart

John Huggart

CPA, Industry Advisor

John has a strong background in energy gained with retailers and new technology start ups. His industry roles have been varied and expansive, including leading engineering services and project teams. He currently serves as Treasurer on the EEC Board.

Mark Merrick

Mark Merrick

Infrastructure Policy SME and PMO lead, Business NSW

Mark is a senior leader with over 30 years of experience leading and managing businesses in complex and global settings, having served as founder, CEO, and in multiple senior executive roles in start-up environments and large corporates. He has a focus on scaling B2B business.

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