Panel Discussion

Navigating your mental health when facing uncertainty and distress

8 September 2021

Businesses are doing it tough right now. Small business owners and sole traders, in particular, are experiencing heightened stress, worry and anxiety as the disruptions of COVID-19 continue.  

Learn about the practical tools and guidance available to manage and improve the mental wellbeing of yourself and those around you.

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Sharing their own experiences our panel, featuring speakers from Beyond Blue and My Business member Get Outside Melbourne, unpack what mental health is, who is impacted, and discuss effective management techniques to use when facing distress, especially during times of uncertainty. 

This open and honest session aims to help you: 

  • acknowledge the difficulties and challenges you may be facing
  • discuss possible signs and symptoms of mental ill-health
  • learn practical tools and steps to navigate stressful situations 
  • understand the benefits of a mentally healthy workplace and balanced lifestyle
  • understand where and how to seek support for those that need it including details on the NewAccess for Small Business Owners program.
Mel Novak

Mel Novak

Small Business Engagement Manager | Beyond Blue

Mel has a long history within the financial services industry and understands the pressures that small business owners are exposed to. Mel is deeply passionate about mental health and raising awareness around issues that so often are stigmatised such as suicide and depression.

Tim Hoopmann

Tim Hoopmann

Small Business Advisor and Workplace Mental Health Advocate

A passionate advocate on small business workplace mental health Tim is professionally skilled in business strategy, sales and operations. A volunteer speaker for Beyond Blue, he shares his story of struggling with anxiety and depression as a small business owner to help others in similar situations.

Kane Ford

Kane Ford

Founder | Get Outside Melbourne

Kane established his boutique hiking experience as a way to share the physical and mental benefits of being outdoors with others following his own mental health challenges. As a small business owner he understands the pressures and stresses of an ever-changing environment.

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