Cyber Talks webinar series

Technology’s role in cyber security

25 October 2021

The stakes of cyber security have never been higher. Having the right security layers in place can help increase your cyber protection against attacks and security breaches.
Learn how to protect yourself, your business and your customers by securing your business with multi-faceted technological solutions.

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Our expert panel, featuring Symsafe and N-able, unpack how email protection, network firewalls, endpoint security and back-up, work together to protect your computers, networks, data and associated infrastructure and technology from information disclosure and harm. 

This important discussion explores: 

  • what is a vulnerability and best practice from a cyber security perspective
  • how different security solutions work together to protect your business 
  • what is layered security and why it is so important.
Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill

CEO, Symsafe

With over 25 years of experience, Jeremy is the CEO of Symsafe, a specialist global IT and Managed Services company. He has worked across multiple industries including SMB, enterprise, telecommunications, and local government. He is passionate about technology, systems, people and driving results.

Nicholas Burden

Nicholas Burden

Security Solutions Advisor, N-able

Nick is passionate about enabling businesses and their teams to drive change across the IT industry and offer excellent service to their customers. He enjoys working with IT leaders to help reduce pressure on service teams, accelerate onboarding and source solutions.


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