Wellbeing and productivity when working from home

2 April 2020

The business world is changing daily thanks to COVID-19, leaving employers and their employees wondering how to function in the ‘new normal’ as we shift away from our regular office routine and move to working from home. The nature of remote work makes it inevitable that your work and real life are going to overlap and your home environment may not lend itself to productivity. 

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Drawing from his experiences on successfully managing a mental illness while running a business, David Westgate provides valuable quick tips and advice on:

  • How to stay productive while working from home and navigating the work day with your new ‘colleagues’
  • Maintaining your mental health and wellbeing through change and uncertainty
  • Staying connected and maintaining communication with your team and social networks while social distancing and;
  • Building support networks and knowing when to reach out for assistance.

David Westgate

Mental Health Speaker | Westgate & Friends

David has worked in advertising for nearly 40 years. He has managed multi-national clients, creative departments and runs his own agency. David has achieved all of this while suffering from a rollercoaster-like mental illness known as bipolar 1.

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