1 July 2020

Now is a crucial time to review your contracts, policies and procedures as you pivot to operate in a new normal.
Discover top tips, guidance and resources to help make your workplace a compliant and safe environment.

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My Business facilitates an in-depth discussion with members PulseHR and SafetyCulture exploring workforce
systems and processes around Industrial Relations (IR) and all that you need to know to keep your staff
and customers safe during these unprecedented times. 

This session aims to help you understand:

  • Correct procedures to ensure Fair Work compliance.
  • How to use our free, legally prepared documents and templates.
  • What WHS looks like in a COVID-19 world with some helpful tips

Tamara James

Founder and Workforce Specialist | PulseHR

PulseHR is a long-standing customer and My Business member. Tamara is a well-known workforce specialist in regional NSW, who partners with businesses and organisations to remove the worry and stress surrounding the function of people management.

Neil Jackson

Head of Sales and Success APAC | SafetyCulture

Neil is an experienced business leader with over 25 years in management, driving change and developing business cultures to suit stages of organisational maturity. Passionate about driving success through others Neil leads by example and through developing strengths in people.

Alistair Venn

Chief Operating Officer | SafetyCulture

Alistair's career has spanned high tech, mining, manufacturing and e-commerce sectors. Originally an electronic engineer, Alistair has held various operations and leadership roles at global organisations . Alistair prides himself in delivering dollar growth and substantial returns for investors. 

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