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Apprentice Onboarding Documents

Protect your business and get your new apprentice or trainee off on the right track with our selection of onboarding documents. You can download any of the following four documents: Employment ContractCode of Conduct – Information Technology Policy – Drug and Alcohol Policy. Simply join My Business as a free member and you can customise and download them instantly.

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It’s important to clearly set-out your expectations of your apprentice or trainee on day-one. It gives you both a clear understanding of your day-to-day and month-to-month expectations of them and reassures them about the support you will provide in return.

Behaving in a professional way does not come to everyone automatically. A policy or code of conduct describes the minimum standard for professional behaviour that you are willing to accept and draws a clear line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Once your employee has signed or agreed to a code or policy, the line between appropriate, acceptable behaviour and inappropriate, unacceptable behaviour is clear. You have recourse to manage the situation or take disciplinary action if your employee fails to behave according to the code or policy.

You can use our Apprentice Onboarding Documents for simple business compliance. They’ve been prepared by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, number one Workplace and Employment Team of the Year at the Australian Law Awards (2019, 2018 and 2016).

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