How to Assess Your Business Viability

If you are a new or existing micro or small business owner, this webinar is for you! Get the help and practical tips that you can use to assess your businesses financial health. Entrepreneurship Facilitator Natalie Brookes, small business expert Linden from the ATO and business advisor David Shire, walk you through what you need to know to assess if your business is financially viable or not.

This webinar will cover topics like:

  • Start-up and ongoing costs
  • Break-even analysis
  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Financial statements
  • Benchmarking
  • ATO Business Viability Assessment Tool.

View and download the following documents from this session: presentation slidesClosing Your Business Handout, Considering Your Business Vitality Handout and session transcript


Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide free and practical assistance to support and encourage individuals to start a business as a way to create their own job. Ready to get your business idea off the ground? Learn more.

Natalie Brookes

Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Richmond - Tweed (Ballina) | My Business

Natalie is the Entrepreneurship Facilitator appointed to service the Richmond - Tweed (Ballina) region - an initiative of the Australian Government. Natalie has a wealth of experience in start-ups having established two of her own and understands the freedom and joy that self-employment brings.

Linden Regina

Small Business Educator, Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Linden lives and breathes Small Business! Being raised on a farm, she understands the pressures of running a business, trying to meet all your obligations, manage cash flow, pay the bills and raise a family. Her ATO portfolio includes a broad knowledge across taxation and superannuation.

David Shire

CEO, Brilliant Business Success

David has over 20-years’ experience working with large corporations to small businesses and start-ups. He believes business can be incredibly rewarding both mentally and financially and also understands the devastating effects of businesses failing.

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