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An Australian Government initiative to bring together expertise, resources, and access to funding at the local level to support job seekers and their communities in each region.

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The Local Jobs Program (LJP) focuses on upskilling, reskilling and establishing employment pathways for those looking to return to work following COVID-19.

Through the LJP, Employment Facilitators work with employers and other key local stakeholders, to develop employment solutions at a local level and support Australians back into work.

The Local Jobs Program runs across 51 regions throughout Australia and brings together expertise, resources, and access to funding at the local level to focus on reskilling, upskilling, and employment pathways for people in each region. The program is part of supporting Australia’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the role of an Employment Facilitator?

Employment Facilitators are dedicated individuals who work with local stakeholders to connect them job seekers with training, job opportunities, or other support.

As part of their role, Employment Facilitators chair Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces across 51 regions and work with local stakeholders including employers, employment services providers, and training organisations to drive the development of a Local Jobs Plan.

These 51 Employment Facilitators will also support local stakeholders to create targeted projects that meet the priorities of the plan. Employment Facilitators will work with organisations that apply for funding through the Local Recovery Funds to ensure employment opportunities are maximised.

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Download the Local Jobs Program Factsheet here.

My Business is a proud delivery partner of the Local Jobs Program in the following employment regions:

Sydney Greater West


Jamie Petschy
Sydney Greater West Employment Facilitator
0482 164 760


Sydney East Metro


Grant Payne
Sydney East Metro Employment Facilitator
0413 044 532


The Local Jobs Program (LJP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.