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The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs Program was established to upskill, reskill and establish employment for those looking for those looking to enter the workforce. 

Employment Facilitator Jamie, along with Support Officer Maddy work closely with key stakeholders within the Sydney Greater West region to identify existing employment solutions, and develop new pathways and programs to support the regions local employers and Industry in connecting with and upskilling unemployed people for work. 

The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs Program provides collaboration opportunities for keys stakeholders to inform and develop strategies within the region, and streamlines existing services operating in the region, such as Federal, State and Local community led employment services. 

The Local Recovery Fund and National Priority Fund are two key funding elements of the porgram that support industry and community to deliver local initiatives that build workforce for industries in demand aligned to the funds priorities. 

The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs Plan outlines the key priorities and strategies in the region.



The Sydney Greater West Employment Region is a large, diverse region that includes the Blue Mountains in the north-west, the Nepean-Penrith district and the towns of Windsor and Richmond with surrounding semi-rural localities. Centrally located within the ER are the suburbs of St Marys, Blacktown, Quakers Hill, Seven Hills, Rooty Hill, and Doonside. Further east lies Parramatta City and the surrounding suburbs of Auburn, Merrylands, Lidcombe, and Westmead.

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Priorities in the Region

The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs team works closely with local key stakeholders to influence, support and deliver strategies that support the region’s CALD individuals, migrants and refugees, youth, Indigenous Australians, parents returning to work, mature aged workers and long-term unemployed individuals, through:

  • Promoting employment opportunities that build on-the-job skills such as apprenticeships and traineeships (including school-based), and entry-level jobs that build employability skills.
  • Developing and delivering specialised programs for those who have overseas qualifications and/or work experience by targeting currently available entry-level roles and mapping individual career advancement that includes re-credentialing and ongoing mentoring throughout the individual’s employment.
  • Working with businesses to remove exclusive recruitment practices by streamlining and simplifying application processes, reassessing application requirements for entry-level positions, delivering on-site recruitment open days and place-based interviews, and utilising employment services providers to connect with locally available candidates.
  • Working with businesses to co-design pre-employment and employment pathways for entry level roles that:
    •  Leverage existing pre-employment programs and initiatives.
    • Deliver industry-specific place-based training and upskilling opportunities in areas of disadvantage, that are culturally sensitive and      consider delivery for non-English speaking individuals and appropriate support/mentoring for disadvantaged cohorts.
    • Support individuals to build on their digital proficiency, communication skills, language, literacy and numeracy capacity, and understanding of Workplace Health and Safety practices.
    • Connects individuals directly to currently available employment opportunities.

The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs team works closely with local key stakeholders to develop and deliver strategies such as:

  • Initiating community or private transport solutions that connect marginalised communities to local employment hubs or training opportunities, implementing models that transport individuals from one location to a place of employment or training.
  • Engaging with Transport for NSW to understand future supportive infrastructure plans and advocating for improved transport connections.
  • Identifying existing or implementing new programs that enable individuals to work towards obtaining their license and enhancing their driving skills.
  • Supporting the establishment of new routes of transport connectivity to the Aerotropolis and surrounding infrastructure and development projects that align with construction hours of operation.
  • Implementing place-based and accessible activities such as training and upskilling opportunities, careers support, aspiration events and employment drives in areas with minimal public transport access.

The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs team works closely with local key stakeholders to develop and deliver strategies such as:

  • Industry collaboration through round tables and working groups to address barriers, specific cohort needs (such as CALD, Indigenous, etc) and challenges in the labour market.
  • Informative sessions hosted by employment services providers, LGAs, industry experts, and training providers that offer valuable insights on local programs and support services. These events are designed to empower individuals in the community to reach their employment goals and overcome obstacles that they may face.
  • Organising forums that focus on businesses and contractors, highlighting the advantages of hiring individuals from the Sydney Greater West Workforce Australia caseload. These forums offer a chance to connect with employment services and people in the area and gain knowledge about the resources and support available for employing from the caseload, to create inclusive and diverse work environments.

The Sydney Greater West Local Jobs team works closely with local key stakeholders to develop and deliver strategies such as:

  • Connecting identified employing businesses with available individuals through immersive hands-on ‘Try a Trade’ days, career expos, place-based training and community and sports events, whilst also encouraging individuals to consider career paths that are generally considered non-traditional to their demographic and gender.
  • Promoting employment opportunities that build on-the-job skills such as apprenticeships and traineeships (including school-based) and entry-level jobs that build employability skills.
  • Hosting informative sessions that demystify industries in demand through place-based industry meet and greets and industry engagement opportunities.
  • Connecting employment services providers, community groups, and schools with promotional collateral with industries in demand and non-traditional career pathways.
  • Exploring opportunities to tap into the transition to Net Zero and the implications this has on emerging industries and current employers in the area.

Read the full Sydney Greater West Local Jobs Plan Here.


Sydney Greater West Jobs & Skills Taskforce

The Sydney Greater West Jobs & Skills Taskforce comprises of representation from key local stakeholders including Local Council, State Government, Peak Industry Bodies, Community, Employer and Employment Services.

Our Taskforce members are valued for bringing their industry perspective and expertise to the region. They work together to develop solutions to move people into work or training by putting local employer needs at the centre of their actions and addressing the employment barriers of local job seekers.


Working Groups

Construction & Infrastructure Working Group

Chaired by previous SGW TF member, Senior Manager Social Procurement and Workforce Develop for Transport for NSW Sarah Bettison. The Construction & Infrastructure working group aims to connect local stakeholders in with upcoming programs and projects to support local infrastructure projects, while also discussing and addressing barriers to employment within the industry.


The Employment Collective 2770 Working Group

Chaired by SGW Employment Facilitator Jamie Petschy, the Employment Collective 2770 Working Group aims to address the barriers and create solutions within suburbs sitting within the 2770 postcode.


SGW CaLD & Migrant Employment Working Group

Chaired by SGW TF Member and CEO of Sydwest Multicultural Services, the CALD Working Group aims to identify and develop solutions/programs or projects for our Migrant, Refugee and CALD job seekers to better connect with industry and identify pathways and skilling opportunities to gain sustainable employment. 


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Jamie Petschy

Jamie Petschy

Sydney Greater West Employment Facilitator

Jamie Petschy is the Employment Facilitator for the Sydney Greater West Local Jobs Program and has an impressive background in business and recruitment, managing people, processes and business units. Jamie’s extensive experience in strategic planning and managing stakeholder relationships has allowed him to provide stakeholders of the Local Jobs Program with proactive and productive development of programs, initiatives and collaboration opportunities.

Contact Jamie | 0482 164 760 


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The Workforce Australia Local Jobs Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.