My Business Energy Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are a free service for customers.

You should know we earn a fee from providing this service. What we earn supports what we do for you. What we receive is used to offset the cost of providing the service and advocating for change and a fair go on energy for business. The subcontractor engaged to deliver the services on behalf of My Business receives introductory fees from the above energy retailers, a portion of which is shared with My Business in connection with customers who receive the above services.

This is a completely free service. By using us, you will get a thorough comparison on deals available to us from the panel of suppliers to find the right deal for your needs and preferences without this service costing you a single cent. You should know we earn a fee from providing this service.

No, all faults are treated equal and are handled by the distributor who is not the one that bills you.

Most retailers are happy to offer you a discount but will rarely actively promote them or call their existing customers to offer them cheaper electricity or gas.

We compare electricity prices from a panel of top energy providers which include Origin, Next Business Energy, Alinta Energy, Energy Australia, AGL, ERM Business Energy, Momentum Energy, Blue NRG and Power Direct depending on your state of territory. Retailer availability is based on the commercial relationships that My Business’s subcontractor (who has been engaged to deliver the comparison services) maintains. Our subcontractor is Make it Cheaper Pty Ltd ABN 29 138 847 757

No. If you make a switch to another energy offering, your retailer will be changed, these are the people that send you your bill. The company that physically supplies your gas or electricity will not change, they are known as the distributor, and they look after the maintenance and reliability of the electricity

Yes, typically there are two types of energy contracts available: standing contracts and market retail contracts.

Standing contracts are electricity and gas contracts with terms and conditions prescribed by law. The incumbent retailer in your region is obliged to provide you with a standing contract if gas or electricity can be supplied to your property.

These are contracts that include minimum terms and conditions prescribed by law. Market retail contracts typically vary from standing offer contracts, for example some market retail contracts offer: No exit penalties (so although you're in a contract you are free to leave when you feel like it), discounted prices, different payment options, fixed term, different billing periods etc.

DIFY Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this. My Business has a select panel of leading energy retailers, so we would only switch you over to one of them once we’ve found a better offering than your existing one.

Yes, you still have full control of your energy options. Signing up to DiFY will just ensure that we’re able to provide you with the best energy deal before your existing contract expires. If you do not wish to proceed with the best deal we find, just let us know.

Yes. Before your contract is due to expire, we will send you 2 options that match your preferences. If you like the first option, do nothing and we will proceed with the first option automatically. However, if you prefer the 2nd option or neither, let us know.

Absolutely. We send all documentation by e-mail 2 months before the switch date to give you time to ensure you’re happy with it and have the chance to opt out if need be.

We’d advise switching at the earliest chance to maximise savings and avoid overpaying. In most cases however, this will be just before your existing contract expires. We will send you the best options we have before your next meter read date.

We’ll contact your retailer to obtain your contract details to ensure we are able to conduct an accurate

Yes. You must notify us of any changes to location, additional meters, change of authority on the account, or adding an additional authority to your account, and we will update our systems. The same applies if you change your initial preferences along the way.

If you choose DiFY, you will need to enter into a separate agreement with our Subcontractor, who will