Workplace Advice Line team supporting businesses with minimum wages entitlements and termination procedures

Workplace advice line

Need support understanding minimum wages, overtime, leave entitlements or correct procedures for termination, redundancies or employee stand down? Our Workplace Advice Line team handles over 26,000 calls from Australian businesses every year and is here to help.

benefits for your business

Our Workplace Advice Line team can support you across a range of issues that may arise within your workplace, like: 

  • Interpreting awards and provisions
  • Wage rates
  • Redundancy and termination 
  • Leave provisions such as personal leave, long service leave, annual leave and parental leave
  • Contracts of employment
  • Bullying 
  • Human resources issues
  • Workplace policies
  • Workers compensation
  • Creating a flexible workplace

Our Workplace Advice Line takes over 26,000 calls each year from businesses like yours so there’s every chance we’ve encountered a question like yours in the past and we’re here to help guide you.

Our Workplace Advice Line team are experts in HR, Workplace and Industrial Relations. We can discuss the majority of matters with you over the phone. However, as we sit alongside the award-winning legal team Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, if your business requires legal assistance (for a claim or serious workplace incident for example) our team can easily refer your matter to a lawyer with relevant expertise to assist.

Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors were voted number one Workplace and Employment Law Firm 2018 and 2019 at the Australian Law Awards. Find out more here

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Calls included: 12 per year

Cost: $139* per month (plus GST)

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