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Abandonment of Employment - Confirmation Letter

Abandonment of Employment - Warning Letter

Acknowledgement of Terms of Parental Leave Letter

Anti-Discrimination and EEO Policy

Approved Contractors Register

Attendance and Absenteeism Policy

Authorised Deductions Agreement

Casual Conversion - Confirmation of Employment Status Letter

Casual Conversion - 'No Offer' Letter to Employee

Casual Conversion - Notification of Casual Conversion Clause Letter

Casual Conversion - 'Offer' Letter to Employee

Casual Conversion Letter - Award/Enterprise Agreement Covered

Casual Conversion Letter - Award/Enterprise Agreement Free

Casual Employment Information Statement

Children in the Workplace Policy

Christmas Party Letter to Employees

Code of Conduct

Complaint and Grievance Form

Completion of Probation Letter

Confirmation of Retirement Letter

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflicts and Personal Relationships in the Workplace Policy

Contract of Employment - Apprentice/Trainee

Contract of Employment - Casual (Comprehensive)

Contract of Employment - Casual (Simple)

Contract of Employment - Full Time (Comprehensive)

Contract of Employment - Full Time (Simple)

Contract of Employment - Not True Fixed Term

Contract of Employment - Part Time (Comprehensive)

Contract of Employment - Part Time (Simple)

Contract of Employment - True Fixed Term

Contractor Induction Checklist

Contractor Management Procedure

Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist

Deed of Release and Indemnity

Disciplinary Policy - Plain English

Disclosure of Employment Records Policy

Dress Policy

Educational Assistance Policy

EEO Checklist

Emergency Evacuation Policy and Procedure

Emergency Management Procedure

Employer Property Policy

Environmental Policy

Ergonomics Checklist

Exit Interview

Expense Claim Policy (with Claim Form)

Fair Work Information Statement

Fatigue Management Checklist

Fatigue Management Procedure

First Aid Checklist

First Aid Policy

Flexibility Policy

Gender Equality in the Workplace Policy

Hazard Report Form

Health Information Policy

Hot Weather Policy

Incentive and Bonus Policy

Incident and Investigation Report

Incident Report and Investigation Procedure

Independent Contractor Agreement

Individual Development Plan

Individual Flexibility Agreement (Agmt Covered)

Individual Flexibility Agreement (Award Covered)

Induction Letter

Induction Policy

Induction/Orientation Checklist

Internet, Email and Computer Use Policy

Interview Guide Checklist

Job Application Form

Job Description Form

Job Safety Analysis

Leave Form

Leave Policy

Letter Advising of Future Redundancies

Letter Advising Stand Down During Investigation

Letter of Reference - Departing Employee

Letter Regarding Termination

Letter to Employee - Termination Due To Redundancy

Letter to Employee Advising Shut Down

Letter to Employee Advising Stand Down

Letter to Employee Concerning Incapacity

Letter to Employee Regarding Voluntary Redundancy

Manual Handling/Ergonomics Procedure

Mental Health Policy

Mental Health Hazard Risk Identifier

Mental Health Hazard Risk Register

Mobile Phone Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

No Vacancies - Keep Application on File

No Vacancies But Could Fit Elsewhere Letter

Notice of Discrimination or Harassment Complaint

Notice of Meeting

Offer of Guarantee of Annual Earnings

Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave Policy

Parental Leave Policy

Payment of Salaries and Wages Checklist

Performance and Misconduct Policy

Performance Appraisal Form

Performance Management Checklist

Personal Grievance Policy

Personal Phone Calls at Work Policy

Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] Checklist

Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Policy

Pregnant Employee Medical Certificate Request

Probation Terminated Letter

Probationary Employment Policy

Property Return Checklist

Record Keeping Checklist (Fair Work Act)

Record Of Meeting

Recruitment Checklist

Redundancy Checklist

Redundancy Letter to Centrelink

Redundancy Letter to Union

Redundancy Policy

Redundancy Script

Reference Check Form

Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure

Relocation or Promotion Letter to Employee

Relocation Policy

Remuneration Review Letter - Salary Increase

Remuneration Review Letter - Salary Stays the Same

Request For Parental Leave Form

Request for Flexible Working Arrangements

Request to Cash Out Leave

Request to Vary Parental Leave

Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Resignation Checklist

Responding to Requests for Flexible Working Arrangements Checklist

Response to Return to Work After Parental Leave

Return to Work Plan

Risk Management Procedure

Risk Management Register

Rostered Days Off Policy

Salary Packaging Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Show Cause Letter to Employee

Smoke Free Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Training and Development Policy

Statement of Service

Statement of Termination Entitlements

Statutory Declaration - Personal/Carers Leave

Summary Dismissal Letter

Termination Checklist

Termination Due to Incapacity Letter

Thanks for Application Letter

Timesheet Form

Timesheet Policy

Training Record of Attendance

Travel Expenses Reimbursement Policy

Unsuccessful Candidate Letter

Vaccination Policy

Vehicle Policy

Warning Letter

Whistleblower Policy

WHS Consultation Statement

WHS General Policy

WHS Management System Review Procedure

WHS Responsibilities for a Contractor

WHS Responsibilities for a Supervisor

WHS Responsibilities for an Employee

WHS Responsibilities for Managers

WHS Responsibilities for Officers

Work Camera Surveillance Notice

Workers Compensation Checklist

Workers Compensation Return-to-Work Program

Working Away from Home Policy

Working From Home Checklist

Working From Home Policy

Workplace Bullying Assessment Checklist

Workplace Bullying Policy

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Training Matrix

Workplace Induction Checklist


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