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Five feasible steps to boosting employee morale

Boni Satani
28 March 2014 2 minute readShare
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For every business owner, having happy employees is important, but this is even truer for a small business. Here, Boni Satani offers five feasible steps you can take to boost employee morale.

For every business owner, having happy employees is important, but this is even truer for a small business. Here, Boni Satani offers five feasible steps you can take to boost employee morale.

In the regular rut of business, it is essential to boost employee morale to maintain their productivity. What’s more, with such activities your staff’s attitude towards the company on the whole, and their commitment to their work, also improves. And the positive impact of this, in turn, will be felt by your customers as well, who will form opinions based on interactions with your workforce. Here are a few ways that you can keep your employees happy and satisfied with their jobs.


#1 Offer small but frequent perks: Just as you have expectations from an employee, they also have certain expectations from you. Recognising your staff’s extra efforts or noticing their achievements can go a long way. If an employee has overachieved her target or finished his work before the deadline, reward her. The reward may be little monetary compensation, extra leave days or even allowing them to work from home once a week. Appreciation may be in terms of praises or tangible gifts; either way, it’s a strong motivator and fosters healthy competition among employees. This way, you show that you value their talents and that their contribution to the company is being noticed.


#2 Interact with your employees: Regardless of what size or shape of business you’re running, your employees want acknowledgement for their performance. You can take small and effective steps to show how you value your workforce by learning the names of all your employees, taking time to greet them, or by setting up set up an employee of the month program. Showing such gestures will encourage your staff to feel a sense of ownership and this will lead to a better performance.


#3 Make your employees responsible: Don’t treat your employees as people who just have to do a job and go back home. Share the responsibility of the company with them, as this is a sure way to boost employee morale. They should know company management listens to them, they are valued for their opinion and that their better ideas do get implemented. Ask for their input – this will show you are open to new, potentially better ways of functioning, and that you implement good suggestions.


#4 Create a fun office culture: It’s very important for an employer to recognise the need for entertainment for its employees. Fun and entertainment should be an integral part of working life. Picnics, games, contests, and sports should be part of meetings, conferences and training programs. Also birthdays, office parties and special occasion celebrations greatly improve the morale by making the working place more enjoyable. Furthermore, you can design the office keeping in mind ergonomics, aesthetics and pleasing environment.


#5 Make sure you are listening: Perhaps the most economical and easy way to keep your employees motivated is to actually listen to them. Encourage them to share their ideas, voice out their opinions. When they are involved in the day-to-day operations it often happens that they have observations and suggestions of their own. Just because you have heard of an idea does not mean you have to implement it; however, giving their opinions a fair hearing can go a long way. An ideal working environment is one where your employees understand that you are willing to listen to any feedback or input that he may have.


Whichever method of employee encouragement you opt for, remember it is all about appreciating your workforce. Understand that employees will soon recognise any forced social activity or irrelevant and impersonal gifts. Genuinely happy employees are always more productive and will give you fewer human resource hassles and more satisfied customers.

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Five feasible steps to boosting employee morale
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Boni Satani

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