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How I structure a 90-hour working week

Phillip Tarrant
26 August 2016 1 minute readShare
Real estate sales educator and auctioneer Tom Panos

Time management is crucial when running a business. We asked one SME owner how he successfully juggles a business, an executive job and a 90-hour working week.



Real estate sales educator and auctioneer Tom Panos“The truth is that it's very, very fragile, but I've actually designed a life and an environment around me which makes it easy for me to succeed,” Tom Panos, sales educator and real estate auctioneer, says of his busy working schedule.

“All it would take for me is one hangover and it could fall to bits.”


In an early episode of the My Business Podcast, we spoke with Tom about his tips for boosting sales.

Now, Tom returns to discuss more about his own business and processes, such as how he:

· Manages his time across a 90-hour working week
· Copes with going more than a year without switching on his desktop computer
· Times various activities to coincide with his peak energy levels

Plus much more!

How I structure a 90-hour working week
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Phillip Tarrant

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