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5 ways to boost productivity

Hannah Blackiston
31 August 2016 1 minute readShare
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Time management is one of the hardest skills to master, but it only takes a few tweaks to improve your routine and your productivity. Here’s how to get more done without the extra effort.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, real estate trainer and auctioneer Tom Panos shares how he optimises his time and gets the best results.

1. Make it easy to succeed

Mr Panos doesn’t believe in relying on “willpower and discipline”, preferring instead to tailor his life for the most productive outcome.

“I ruthlessly eliminate mundane activities,” said Mr Panos, listing television and surfing the net as the worst offenders. PMs should work smarter by swapping time-wasting activities for productive tasks which will make their week easier, like prepping for the next day.

2. Rely on your team

“I don't think you can have an amazing business, without having an epic team,” Mr Panos said. Knowing when to delegate tasks and avoiding micro management will help time poor PMs focus on the most important facets of their business.

3. Create habits

Rather than getting bogged down in trivial tasks, Mr Panos prefers to create habits and routines which support success.

“I think business people create world-class habits that create a world class business,” Mr Panos said. PMs should create routines which clear small tasks and minimise the chance to become overwhelmed.

4. Know your business

Mr Panos stresses the importance of bringing the most success to your business and prioritising the “three or four things that they typically do in their business repeatedly that delivers the most value.” He advised that time be set aside to work on these several times a week, even if it’s just an hour.

“That one hour, is going to require me to be present, to have my highest levels of energy, to sit there to do business development activities.” He added, “Activities that are going to bring new business into my business."

5. Always be ready to better yourself

Thinking you have nothing more to learn is one of the easiest ways to fail, according to Mr Panos.

“I actually think that I can improve and I think that actually, thinking that you can improve, is probably a good belief set to have because it constantly means that you're not becoming complacent because nothing breeds failure like success,” he said. Being open to new ideas and new techniques is a great way to work to the best of your ability and not becoming bogged down in outdated processes.

Hear more insights from Tom about time management, goal-setting and delegation on the My Business Podcast now!

5 ways to boost productivity
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Hannah Blackiston

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