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Activate your employees’ thinking

Sasha Karen
11 October 2016 1 minute readShare
A wireframe of the silhouette of a head, with gears and numbers exploding out of the silohuette

To get your employees working at their best, one SME owner suggests you “activate” their thinking. Here's how he does it in his business.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, ZOO Group founder Pawl Cubbin says that to get his employees working at their peak, they have to be working in the right environments, even if those environments are a little unorthodox.

“We are actually moving our business physically from one space to another space to activate people's thinking about how they are going to work differently,” Pawl says.

“In Canberra, we are taking over an old restaurant, which has a really nice warehouse-y feel, and it's a completely different environment.A wireframe of the silhouette of a head, with gears and numbers exploding out of the silohuette

“It's going to feel more like a … foyer of a boutique hotel than it is like a work space.

“There will be three or four different types of areas that you can work in, some of which are traditional desks [and] we’re taking out the old kitchen, for instance, and we’re putting a board room into the kitchen.”

Pawl believes that giving his employees an environment that allows “the freedom to deliver on time but pretty much work when they are in the zone” will help them to better activate their thinking and shift ZOO Group’s focus from processes to outcomes.

In his experience, Pawl says the ability for employees to take ownership of their role and be measured solely on their outcomes, rather than on the processes they use to get there, significantly enhances the quality and quantity of work they are able to undertake. In turn, this boosts the profitability of the business through enhanced client satisfaction.

“If you can create an environment where people actually really respect each other, and they understand that working together means that they'll bring the different skill sets to produce something much better than either of them could achieve, and you can do that in an environment where it's actually collaborative, it feels you are there for the same thing,” Pawl says.

Hear more insights from Pawl about pitching to prospective customers and how to “activate people’s thinking” on the My Business Podcast now!

Activate your employees’ thinking
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Sasha Karen

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