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Are you busy doing the wrong things?

Hannah Blackiston
30 November 2016 1 minute readShare
A busy business man trying to do multiple tasks at once

Can you fit everything you do into five days a week? If your answer is ‘no’, you might be taking on too many low-value tasks. The key to reclaiming your weekend is working out your value and reassessing your to-do list.

Speaker, author and mentor Christina Guidotti has been in the real estate industry for 45 years and she is familiar with the excuses business owners give for undertaking tasks they know they shouldn’t be doing, using real estate agents as an example.

“I’ve heard every single excuse in the book for ‘Why I need to turn up to that building and pest inspection’ or even letterbox dropping, ‘I might get to see someone who might be in their front yard’,” Ms Guidotti told sister publication REB.

“That’s really not the best use of your time. You would be better off calling that person when they’re relaxed in their lounge room and having a chat with them or booking an appointment with them.”

The best way for business owners to reclaim their personal time and boost their productivity is by eradicating these low-value tasks from their schedules. And there’s a simple way to work out which tasks need to be delegated.

A busy business man trying to do multiple tasks at once“Work out what [income] you want to bring in, then calculate the hours that you’re prepared to work. [From there] you can work out what you’re worth an hour,” Ms Guidotti said.

Once you’ve got this number, you need to write it down somewhere prominent. The next time you are considering the tasks that need to be completed in a day, you can identify the ones that should be undertaken by someone else.

Now that you’ve delegated these tasks, what should you be dedicating your free time to?

Ms Guidotti said that high-value tasks are anything that results directly in earning a profit “or anything where you are face-to-face, belly-to-belly, building relationships with people”.

Personal time should also be given priority and you schedule date nights, exercise, socialising or spending time with your kids.

“To me it is very possible, it’s not the norm, it’s uncommon, but it is very possible to have fantastic work-life balance in [business] if you know how to be well supported [and] you’re going to have a good team around you,” Ms Guidotti said.


Are you busy doing the wrong things?
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Hannah Blackiston

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