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Eight tips for time-poor executives

Robyn Creed
24 August 2011 1 minute readShare

Not enough hours in the day? Robyn Creed of Barrett Consulting has eight tips for time-poor business people. 

I’m yet to meet one Executive who hasn’t complained about being time poor. It’s often reported that Australian workers are spending more and more time at the office so it’s understandable that their leaders are feeling the pressure.

I’ve worked with hundreds of executives in a variety of professions; government, FMCG, media, legal, retail and they all have one thing in common aside from organised and efficient executive assistants to keep them in line and that is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

No matter how many great staff and teams you have working for you or how great your assistant is the top job always has a significant amount of pressure associated with it, and while we’re only human we need to make sure we keep our wits.

Here are eight tips to help the busy executive get on top of their working week:

1. Think about what you would like to achieve today realistically. Focus on what’s important then prioritise it.

2. Slow down - take a breath and clear all thoughts prior to every meeting for at least a minute. This helps to focus on the matter at hand. Then stick to the meeting agenda.

3. Make time to work on the business not in the business – vision. Put this time in your diary “reflecting/big picture time”.

4. Compartmentalise your weekly planner

5. Be wise enough to ask for outside help.

6. Delegate, so you have a 2IC in every area of your business. This will increase ownership and make staff feel included.

7. Coach your team to greater performance - this has a number of benefits. Ultimately the end result will give you more time to work on the business if your team is producing results and it will boost morale.

8. It’s OK to say 'no, not right now, let’s make a time to discuss this later'

These tips seem simple but it’s surprising how many executives don’t install these actions in their day to day working lives. Give it a try – I guarantee you (and your assistant) will be all the better for it.

Robyn Creed is Head of Coaching at Barrett Consulting; supporting executives in their quest to become elite. Barrett Coaches deliver transformational Sales, Leadership and Performance Coaching as well as Coach the Coach Training Programs and can Parachute Sales Coaching Teams into your business for intensive coaching.

Robyn is a sought after certified Coach who has specialised training in Business, Executive & Sales Coaching and a history of delivering results. Robyn is committed to helping Leaders make courageous choices and exceed all expectations.


Eight tips for time-poor executives
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Robyn Creed

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